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Offical nike website wholesale Cheap Black Jaguars - Posted By AdamCecil (adamcecil) on 3rd Jun 20 at 7:42pm
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Reshmith Ramesh
This was a terrific purchase for my almost 4-year-old son at Christmas. It has almost been a year, and this helmet gets lots of love nearly daily. The fit is quite large on his little head, but there's a lot of room for growth. I can fit it on *my* head, albeit snugly, so I'm not concerned that he'll grow out of it. The chin strap attaches with snaps. I did not attach it right away, thinking it would more than likely frustrate him. I put it on a few months later, however, and it just stays on all the time and he stretches it to cover it over his chin. The face mask is a durable, plastic-covered metal, or so it seems. Definitely not cheap plastic.
He hasn't worn the jersey yet as it's 2-3 sizes too big. The material is mesh-like with fairly large reminds me of the old-school pinnies we used to wear in phy. ed. class as a kid. Vikings logo is only on the front....there is no number on the back. All in all, great set, and we have been very pleased.
Martin Bwfc Leyland
I absolutely love this movie version! Thank you, Clint Eastwood, for bringing to our home theaters. I have seen the play on Broadway 3 times, and it is my favorite. So much I didn't know about the "Jersey Boys", so fascinating to find out about them! Highly recommend this well=done movie version. If you are of the "baby boomer" generation, you will love this!
Amar Lingdane
Great movie! Was bought as a present for Christmas! Arrived very quickly and had no problems
Edily Oviedo
my 30lb fatso frenchie loves his new jersey
Jaison Mohabeer
East on, easy off, warm enough on cold days

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