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mountain alongside aqueous place (31st Dec 19 at 1:39am UTC)
After this period of time of experiment, the Yan flew to also understood the continuous sail ability of the unmanned machine.Because the physical volume increases of reason, unmanned machine every minute the high speed flight need to consume 5:00 energy, so its continuous sail ability also became for 12 hours.Although still keep having never attained Yan to fly the expectation to the unmanned machine, contrast before of unmanned machine, unmanned machine after getting stripe already enough can help him to do a lot of affairs to the dint.
Real estate company business' pouring that Zhang Bao becomes is also busy, usually work overtime, so can see in the company in the evening Zhang Bao become of figure.Once the unmanned machine discover that Zhang Bao becomes, conceal at darkly in record image to him, who know Zhang Bao very careful, at company in never talk an illegal affair, the whole affairs all go home and own confident negotiates, so the Yan flies for this period of time without collecting what useful information.See from the surface, the boudoir real estate company is a law-abiding serious company, but Zhang Bao the cost body is also a pure without results legal businessman, most and a few secretaries of oneself a little bit can not remember clearly an unidentified relation, no wonder that related section so many in the last yearses can not grasp his hold, he had been being at large.
But pass Zhang Bao to become and inferiority of words, the Yan flew to also know that Zhang Bao becomes the address of house.Be just Zhang Bao the house for becoming is apart from the position that the Yan flies place more than 10 kilometers and have already outrun the biggest operation scope that the unmanned machine divides time, while the Yan fly some for this period of time low key, hardly go out, so just have never sent unmanned machine to go to supervision.
But when the Yan flies to make a firm decision solution Zhang Bao to become this troublesome after, he decides to attack on his own initiative, operate the unmanned machine goes to Zhang Bao become of the in home carry on supervision, hope over there can search Zhang Bao to become break the law disorderly Ji really digs an offense certificate, then hands over to the police these offense certificates.Police once having the crime evidence that Zhang Bao becomes, can make moves to catch a person, as long as Zhang Bao becomes a to go in, estimates and then isn't likely to come out.By so doing, can thoroughly solution Zhang Bao become to own threat, attain to get to the root of the matter extremely good effect and promise the safety of oneself.
At 10:00 p.m., the Yan flies to drive own bread car to leave a house and still puts a big box on the car, in pack unmanned machine to divide time.He Zhang Bao of importation become the address of house, then navigate headway according to the map in the cellular phone, bread car soon city area scope.Here is evil all, even if is a countryside highway, the vehicle is still a lot of.About after several hours, half's the vehicle on the highway just thins out, while the Yan flew to also follow to navigate to arrive at one to depend on a mountain alongside aqueous place, here only a villa, there is around no another house.The map suggests that this suit villa is the house that Zhang Bao becomes.The geomancy of this villa looks quite good, depend on mountain alongside water, back is forest Tashan, the front is Tahu.
At this time on the tip of 11:00 p.m., Zhang Bao become should have already got off work to go home.The Yan flew to again confirm an address, then stopped a bread car to depend the highway under the foot of a hill side, he opens box and lets out the unmanned machine of inside to divide time.
The unmanned machine divides time a supple take-off and once wore a car window to fly up Gao Kong, facing Zhang Bao becomes villa to fly.The unmanned machine divides time after getting stripe although the physical volume is larger,the physical volume compares before vivid a lot of, and the action is faster.The Yan flies to sit on driver's seat and cut over the angle of view to unmanned machine divides time up, operate unmanned machine to cross anterior lake, facing behind of the villa fly over there.
After closing to villa, the Yan flies and just discovers that this villa covers area very huge, although only have 3 F, but the inside amount of rooms is quite a few, there is also a huge parking lot, the whole villa around round a high wall, know on seeing that being worth of isn't thin. wholesale Plantation shutters
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