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Café Style Shutters (7th Jul 20 at 2:47am UTC)
Barbecues in the backyard, parties by the pool, and fun family vacations all indicate that spring has arrived and summer is coming. Maybe it's the lingering memory of leaving school, maybe it's just the excitement of spending more time with my family. Whenever the season changes, I always smile. In any case, bold colors, familiar smells, and pleasant energy in the air excite me because the weather is getting warmer. I don’t know what you think, but I always like to light up my decorations when the weather gets hot and welcome the longer sunshine. Whether I decorate the courtyard with new accessories or decorate my windows with shiny new windows, whenever summer comes, no place in the house is safe. If it is time for your home to undergo a vivid transformation, I have been inspired by the sun and colorful treatments that will make your windows happy to scream. Focusing on colors that are reminiscent of bright and sunny, it is time to install a small lamp at home and look forward to the glittering golden days in the future.
Yellow is the sunniest color in the rainbow. It brings hope, happiness, wisdom and optimism. This hue is a warm color and cannot be separated or mixed with any other colors, which makes it convey a very strong emotion. Yellow can lift our spirits effortlessly and make the day full of vitality, so when choosing a home color, yellow is a popular choice. To rejuvenate, try to decorate the house with yellow windows and let the sunlight in.
Intoxicating red
Red will instantly attract eyeballs, make people feel excited, increase hunger, and make people's heart beat faster. The deep red sun is like a burning fireball, providing us with light and letting us enjoy the bright day. Applying a little or a large piece of red at home should not only be used during festivals. Use bold Roman colors to convey depth, or use interesting patterned fabrics to draw sight to the entire wall. Red will make your home feel safe, strong and secure.
Orange crush
When the sun-drenched days are coming to an end and the sun starts to set in the west, the sky is covered with many shades of yellow-red. By fusing red energy with yellow happiness, orange will elevate your haven. This hue is a bold color, and if used properly, it can make a home stand out. When using such bold colors, try to combine the patterned window treatment to break the space, or use a bold orange burst as an accent, less saturated appearance.
Bright blue
Sunny days will one day pass through the blue sky from the misty white clouds. Blue is a calming color, it also makes people feel trust and loyalty, and make your home full of comfort. If you are eager to fill your space with color, blue is a perfect choice, it will not make you feel overwhelming. White and blue Roman patterns or roller colors will add complex colors to your windows, while bold drapery will add just the right colors to your windows and bring light to any room.
Glittering green
Many times, when you look up at the sky, your vision will be penetrated by bright green leaves and a little sunlight. Representing growth, balance and renewal, this shade of grass will invite pleasant intensity to your family. In a neutral room, bring the sunny days in and use earth-green curtains to layer the texture woven wooden curtains. From deep forests to bright green grass and rich patterns, complement your style with popular natural mother's favorite tones.
Window treatment is one of the easiest ways to add color to your kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room and bedroom. Boldly use sunny, colorful windows to inject color into your home Café Style Shutters. "
"Spring" opened the door, announcing that spring has come, even if the severe cold weather still blurs your eyes and lowers your mood. Use these 10 simple "spring carnival" ideas to let spring happen in your home. You can at least become the master of the design of your house spirit, let the dull colors and gray days go away!
Soft yellow
No other color can represent spring like yellow-a pleasant, happy, and good-looking hue, it can be as bold and bright as calendula, or as subtle and warm as creamy buttermilk. No matter which color you choose, yellow is the color of sunlight, warm and attractive, always attracting attention. By drawing a border around your window, add a yellow pattern to the window treatment Poly Shutters, or draw a wall with yellow stripes. For the easiest "to cheer me up, let me out of melancholy", grab a large bunch of daffodils or golden tulips, or pick some long branches from the almost blooming forsythia in your garden. My first spring was to force the forsythia in it, bang it in a large vase or flower pot, and let the richness of yellow unfold in all its glory.
2. Urn Fern
Place a vintage-looking urn in your fireplace or bare corner, full of wrinkled lace ferns.
3. Strengthen
Paint your stairs with a soft palette of various colors to enhance your spirit.
4. Shutter
The shutters of the plantation made me dream about the tropics, sweet coconut juice, swaying palm trees and dazzling white sand beaches. I know we all need these now. Of course, blinds are one of my favorite window treatments, but if you are planning a summer outing, find a shabby blind and put it on the message board, how about it?
5. Interesting fabrics
Choose a large, bold fabric pattern and stretch it out on a canvas to create an impressive mural. Hang it on your corridor, above the fireplace, or even find a protected place outside to inspire your flowers to start blooming. Marimekko is one of my favorite bright graphic designer.
6. Spices are good
Use new, colorful "elastic" kitchen towels to add to the kitchen's interest.
7. Flower power
One of the easiest ways to change the decor is to put a few pillows. Now it's time to add some vibrant and gorgeous flower pillows. Your sofa and chair can bloom in it effortlessly.
8. Light up
Use a bright curve light to add a popular color, it not only shines vitality, but also adds a little sculptural beauty to any spring room.
9. Color Chair
In a secluded place, write a colored note with a colored coffee chair to refresh your spirits. Spilled on a layer of vivid, rough paint.
10. Seeds of inspiration
At this time of year, I am always attracted to the garden seeds hanging on the shelf. These seeds promise to have flowers, herbs and vegetables for the garden. Even if I don’t plant seeds in the garden, I like the artistic patterns on the seed bags and collect some whimsical seeds, pile them in a basket or hide them in a shabby drawer. Packing or decorating a spring wreath with spring seeds makes the old windows full of life. These seeds of inspiration reminded me to be creative and innovative, to cherish the combination of sunlight, water, warmth and life-giving earth, and it will soon burst out with intoxicating colors. "
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